Luis Morís Fernández

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The interplay between attention and multisensory integration has proven to be a difficult question to tackle. There are almost as many studies showing that multisensory integration occurs independently from the focus of attention as studies implying that attention has a profound effect on integration. Addressing the neural expression of multisensory(More)
During public addresses, speakers accompany their discourse with spontaneous hand gestures (beats) that are tightly synchronized with the prosodic contour of the discourse. It has been proposed that speech and beat gestures originate from a common underlying linguistic process whereby both speech prosody and beats serve to emphasize relevant information. We(More)
Phreatobius sanguijuela, new species, is described from an artificial well located within the Río Paraguá drainage, a tributary of the Río Iténez, Bolivia. The new species is distinguished from its sole congener, P. cisternarum, by the absence of eyes, presence of 25–34 (versus 42–50) dorsal procurrent caudal-fin rays, 14–16 (versus 22–26) ventral(More)
Abstract We report the finding of the freshwater leech Helobdella europaea in Spain for the first time. Three leech specimens were found attached to the European pond turtle Emys orbicularis. Helobdella europaea is not a blood feeder and, like all members of the genus, feeds on the hemolymph of aquatic invertebrates including snails and worms. Despite the(More)
Phylogenetic relationships among the trichomycterid catfishes are investigated for the first time using molecular sequence data. Data derived from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences for representatives of 17 genera were analyzed to test previous hypotheses of relationships among trichomycterid subfamilies, the monophyly of the subfamily Stegophilinae,(More)
Common name: Yuska (Argentina). Conservation status: Threatened (Fernandez 2005). Identification: Silvinichthys bortayro (Ostariophysii: Siluriformes) is an endemic and endangered species from northwestern Argentina, South America. Characteristic of Trichomycteridae is the presence of a patch of odontodes on the interopercle. The species is very similar to(More)
The Andean and preandean regions are characterized by the presence of several endorheic drainage basins, each of which has evolved a characteristic fish fauna, some of which are poorly known or hitherto inaccessible. We describe here a new species of Trichomycterus from Aguarague National Park, Bolivia. Trichomycterus  aguarague is considered to belong to a(More)
Artisanal coastal invertebrate fisheries in Galicia are socio-economically important and ecologically relevant. Their management, however, has been based on models of fish population dynamics appropriate for highly mobile demersal or pelagic resources and for industrial fisheries. These management systems focus on regulating fishing effort, but in coastal(More)
Luis Morís Fernández a* 3 Maya Visser b* 4 Noelia Ventura Campos b 5 César Ávila Rivera b 6 Salvador Soto-Faraco a, c 7 8 a Multisensory Research Group, Center for Brain and Cognition, Universitat Pompeu 9 Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. 10 b Departament de Psicología Básica, Clínica y Psicobiología, Universitat Jaume I, 11 Castelló de la Plana, Spain. 12 c(More)
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