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Vomiting directly attributable to SLE occurs in approximately 8% of patients, and its causes are sometimes obscure when common conditions are ruled out. Cyclic vomiting syndrome is a common functional disorder which usually starts from childhood. We report the first two cases of patients affected by systemic autoimmune conditions associated to cyclic(More)
To the Editor: Magnesium wasting with hypomagnesemia is well known, but cyclic disorders of magnesium without losses are not usually reported. Similarly, diastolic heart failure and obstructive sleep apnea are rarely described in connection with magnesium depletion.1,2 A 56-year-old woman was admitted to our unit because of chronic weakness, muscle cramps,(More)
A 379 should include UV exposure, even absent specific FDA requirements. Our resin data (resins P1. P2, P3, P4, P19, and P18) cited by Kelce and Borgert came from at least three replications of stress­ ing, extraction, and EA assays. As described in our " Methods " and " Supplemental Material, " the assay variance was very small: SEs were typically smaller(More)