Luis Mendez

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BACKGROUND The cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, affects livestock production in many regions of the world. Up to now, the widespread use of chemical acaricides has led to the selection of acaricide-resistant ticks and to environmental contamination. Gavacplus is a subunit vaccine based on the recombinant Bm86 tick antigen expressed in(More)
Mixing is a key ingredient in chemical reactors. It determines the reaction rate and, especially in polymerization reactors, the product properties and, thus, the product quality. Mixing time and power consumption are important parameters in stirred tanks and efforts have been directed towards the determination of the mixing efficiency using numerical(More)
This volume 2, number 2 gathers a collection of articles related to the access to information and communication systems: a research on a device specific for wheelchair users to control ICT tools; and articles related to the accessibility of educational resources and information and communication technologies by students with auditory disability and motor(More)
A high-statistics sample of photoproduced charm from the FOCUS experiment has been used to search for direct CP violation in the decay rates for D+-->K(S)pi+ and D+-->K(S)K+. We have measured the following asymmetry parameters relative to D+-->K-pi+pi+: A(CP)(K(S)pi+) = (-1.6+/-1.5+/-0.9)%, A(CP)(K(S)K+) = (+6.9+/-6.0+/-1.5)%, and A(CP)(K(S)K+) =(More)
FOCUS is a very high statistics charm experiment, run at Fermilab in 1996-1997, which reconstructed over 1,000,000 charm events). In this paper some of the latest results in the decays of charm mesons and baryons will be reported : new decay channels, singly and doubly Cabibbo suppressed decays, lifetimes, 3-body Dalitz analysis. The fixed target experiment(More)
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