Luis Mauricio Agudelo-Otalora

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BACKGROUND Laryngo-pharyngeal mechano-sensitivity (LPMS) is involved in dysphagia, sleep apnea, stroke, irritable larynx syndrome and cough hypersensitivity syndrome among other disorders. These conditions are associated with a wide range of airway reflex abnormalities. However, the current device for exploring LPMS is limited because it assesses only the(More)
There are not reliable methods for measuring laryngo-pharyngeal mechano-sensitivity (LPMS). We aimed to determine the reliability of a new method for measuring LPMS using a new laryngo-pharyngeal esthesiometer (LPEER) in a prospective cohort of dysphagic stroke and non-dysphagic patients. The patients underwent clinical and endoscopic evaluations of(More)
This article presents a comparison between two types of intelligent models: Artificial Neural Networks - ANN and Adaptative Neuro-Fuzzy Interference System - ANFIS, for forecasting flows in a section of Bogotá (Colombia) river, looking for the most efficient. The simulation was performed in the Matlab computer software, with data collected by(More)
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