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As we enter this amazing new world of artificial and virtual systems and environments in the context of human communities, we are interested in the development of systems and environments which have the capacity to grow and evolve their own meanings in the context of this community of interaction. In this paper we analyze the necessary conditions to achieve(More)
More than 600,000 football fans, coming from all over the world, were expected to visit Brazil during the FIFA World Cup 2014. International travel can become a public health problem when the visitors start to become sick, needing medical intervention and eventually hospitalization. The occurrence of dengue fever infections in Brazil is persistent and has(More)
—3D laser scanning is becoming a standard technology to generate building models of a facility's as-is condition. Since most constructions are constructed upon planar surfaces, recognition of them paves the way for automation of generating building models. This paper introduces a new logarithmically proportional objective function that can be used in both(More)
1 This subsection draws from ongoing collaboration with Cliff Joslyn at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Many of ideas here presented are undoubtedly due to him. 2 The main abbreviations used in this article in addition to DIS are: IR (Information Retrieval), SA (Spreading Activation), and ARP (Active Recommendation Project). We discuss how distributed(More)
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