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Programming with Java monitors is recognized to be difficult , and potentially inefficient due to many useless context switches induced by the notifyAll primitive. This paper presents SOM, Sequential Object Monitors, as an alternative to programming with Java monitors. Reifying monitor method calls as requests, and providing full access to the pending(More)
SUMMARY Coordination of parallel activities on a shared memory machine is a crucial issue for modern software, even more with the advent of multi-core processors. Unfortunately, traditional concurrency abstractions force programmers to tangle the application logic with the synchronization concern, thereby compromising understandability and reuse, and fall(More)
The topology of interconnection networks the stage a key role in the performance of all general purpose networking applications. Cube-based architectures are one of the most important interconnection networks that focuses upon the evaluation and applications of cube-based networks. Cube-based architectures have received greatly focus over the past decade(More)
Threads have been present in programming languages for some time now. However, they have a bad image among software developers because they lead to unreliable applications. Most of the problems are produced by unexpected critical sections, which are very difficult to find. Little research has been done recently to increase the safety of thread programming.(More)
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