Luis Martı́nez Dolz

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OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to determine the extent to which mother-child interactional patterns in high- and low-risk (for child physical abuse) mothers were similar to patterns observed in physically abusive parents. METHOD Ten high-risk and 10 demographically similar low-risk mother-child dyads were studied. Trained observers coded(More)
The interest in aspects relative to the maintenance of aversive family interactions is common among investigators who, from many different fronts, treat child and family issues. If these interactions end in episodes of physical abuse of a child by his/her parents, the need to quickly detect these patterns of family violence in order to prevent and treat(More)
An electrocardiogram tracing of a patient in conducted sinus rhythm with left bundle branch block is shown, in which occasional pseudonormalization of intraventricular conduction is seen. This event is attributed to ventricular fusions with end-diastolic extrasystoles of the left His-Purkinje system distal to the block site. This type of extrasystole is(More)
Daclizumab is an interleukin-2 receptor antagonist which is used for induction therapy in heart transplant patients. It has few side effects and is associated with a low infection rate. Postoperative renal failure after heart transplantation is common and potentially fatal. The administration of calcineurin inhibitors in the postoperative period can(More)
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