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Carcasses of 399 malignant hyperthermia gene free pigs from crosses sired by three types of Duroc (Virgen de la Fuente, DU1; Diputación de Teruel, DU2; DanBred, DU3) were analyzed for carcass and meat quality. Carcass leanness and fat parameters were measured at the last rib and at the space between the 3rd and 4th last ribs counting from the last one.(More)
The effect of storage on dry-cured ham quality was studied. Sixteen vacuum-packaged boneless dry-cured hams and sixteen vacuum-packaged dry-cured ham cuts were stored in darkness under refrigeration (4±2°C; 8 months) or freezing (-18±1°C; 24 months), respectively. Instrumental colour and texture, physico-chemical and biochemical parameters, sensory profile(More)
BACKGROUND Over many years, it has been assumed that enzymes work either in an isolated way, or organized in small catalytic groups. Several studies performed using "metabolic networks models" are helping to understand the degree of functional complexity that characterizes enzymatic dynamic systems. In a previous work, we used "dissipative metabolic(More)
Biochemical energy is the fundamental element that maintains both the adequate turnover of the biomolecular structures and the functional metabolic viability of unicellular organisms. The levels of ATP, ADP and AMP reflect roughly the energetic status of the cell, and a precise ratio relating them was proposed by Atkinson as the adenylate energy charge(More)
Keywords: Quality of Service Traffic engineering 2-tuple linguistic model Decision support Fuzzy linguistic approach Extended linguistic hierarchy a b s t r a c t Networking resources and technologies are mission-critical in organizations, companies, universities, etc. Their relevance implies the necessity of including tools for Quality of Service (QoS)(More)
This paper reports the effects of different concentrations of carbon dioxide and the presence of low levels of carbon monoxide on quality attributes throughout storage of fresh pork sausages. Four pork forelegs (initial pH 5.5-5.7) were used to prepare a total of 120 fresh sausages, which were packaged in different atmospheres containing(More)
Collaborative Filtering has been widely used in Recommender Systems helping customers of e-shops to find out items matching their requirements in huge or complex search spaces. There exist many commercial applications that show the utility of these systems, especially in e-commerce whose features and good performance obtained has driven us to consider their(More)
E-Commerce companies have developed tools to assist users in finding the most suitable items for their needs or preferences. The most successful tool in this area has been the Recommender Systems. This kind of software obtains information about the users' tastes, opinions, necessities, and with a recommendation algorithm, infers recommendations that lead(More)