Luis Martínez Alonso

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A class of nonlinear problems on the plane, described by nonlinear inhomogeneous ∂̄-equations, is considered. It is shown that the corresponding dynamics, generated by deformations of inhomogeneous terms (sources) is described by Hamilton-Jacobi type equations associated with hierarchies of dispersionless integrable systems. These hierarchies are(More)
We consider the Manin-Radul and Jacobian supersymmetric KP hierarchies from the point of view of the tau-function formalism. Solutions of their associated systems of Sato equations are characterized in terms of correlation functions of supersymmetric vertex operators of superghost type. The expression of the wave functions of these hierarchies in terms of(More)
The factorization problem of the multi-component 2D Toda hierarchy is used to analyze the dispersionless limit of this hierarchy. A dispersive version of the Whitham hierarchy defined in terms of scalar Lax and Orlov–Schulman operators is introduced and the corresponding additional symmetries and string equations are discussed. Then, it is shown how KP and(More)
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