Luis Martínez Alonso

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The factorization problem of the multi-component 2D Toda hierarchy is used to analyze the dispersionless limit of this hierarchy. A dispersive version of the Whitham hierarchy defined in terms of scalar Lax and Orlov–Schulman operators is introduced and the corresponding additional symmetries and string equations are discussed. Then, it is shown how KP and(More)
A role of endothelial cells in the survival of CLL cells during extravasation is presently unknown. Herein we show that CLL cells but not normal B cells can receive apoptotic signals through physical contact with TNF-α activated endothelium impairing survival in transendothelial migration (TEM) assays. In addition, the CLL cells of patients having(More)
In this paper we discuss the dispersionless limit of the multicomponent 2D Toda hierarchy. The discrete flows of the hierarchy are used to define charge preserving Lax and Orlov–Schulman operators. This construction allows us to perform two types of dispersionless limits, one type leads to the 0-genus universal Whitham hierarchy while the other leads to a(More)
On the basis of both the interleukin-2-receptor (IL-2R) alpha-chain expression on 16-day-old fetal rat thymocytes and the occurrence of interleukin-2 (IL-2) mRNA-containing cells early during rat thymus ontogeny, we have investigated the possible role of IL-2/IL-2R complex in rat T-cell maturation. For this purpose, we analyzed the effects of the addition(More)
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