Luis Martí-López

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We compare the radiative transfer equation for media with constant refractive index with the radiative transfer equation for media with spatially varying refractive indices [J. Opt. A Pure App. Opt. 1, L1 (1999)] and obtain approximate conditions under which the former equation is accurate for modeling light propagation in scattering media with spatially(More)
The Soret coefficient of acetone/water mixtures has been experimentally determined by a recently developed thermal lens technique [Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 051103 (2009)]. The behavior of the Soret coefficient was reproduced, including its sign change with composition. For concentrations around the equimolar ones, we have also confirmed the disagreement(More)
The transformation by a lens of a polychromatic laser beam composed of on-axis superposed monochromatic TEM00 Gaussian modes in the paraxial approximation is studied. The chromatic aberrations are described by allowing the waist position on the z axis and the Rayleigh range to depend on wavelength. The beam radius, the far-field divergence, the Rayleigh(More)
We study imaging systems designed to assess the smile of laser diode bars (LDBs). The magnification matrix is derived from the required sampling period and the geometries of the LDBs and the charge-coupled device (CCD) array. These image-forming systems present in-plane pure translation invariance, but in the case of anamorphic ones, lack in-plane rotation(More)
We study a statistical ensemble of multimode laser beams. Each beam is made up of an incoherent superposition of off-axis polychromatic Hermite-Gaussian modes. We obtain analytic expressions for the squared beam radius, the waist position, the Rayleigh range, the skewness parameter, the kurtosis parameter, and the squared beam-propagation factor. We(More)
We report an experimental study of the temporal and spatial dynamics of shock waves, cavitation bubbles, and sound waves generated in water during laser shock processing by single Nd:YAG laser pulses of nanosecond duration. A fast ICCD camera (2 ns gate time) was employed to record false schlieren photographs, schlieren photographs, and Mach-Zehnder(More)
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