Luis Mariano del Val Cura

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Many studies have provided qualitative arguments for the premise that the ability to compute is fundamental and therefore should be treated at all levels of education. This work presents a quantitative indication of the validity of this premise for primary school students. In order to precisely define what ability a student should have to use a model of(More)
This paper presents a methodology for automatic construction of image operators using a linear genetic programming approach, for binary, gray level and color image processing, where the processing solution for a particular application is expressed in terms of the basic morphological operators, dilation and erosion, in conjunction with convolution and(More)
Mathematical morphology is a formalism largely used in image processing for implementing many different tasks. Several operators that support the formalism have also been successfully used for inducing data clusters. Particularly, the Binary Morphology Clustering Algorithm (BMCA) is one of such inductive methods which, given a set of input patterns and(More)
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