Luis Marco Cáceres Alvarez

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This study was carried out to determine if, in fasting, an adaptation to utilization of ketones could prevent cerebral dysfunction during periods of acute, insulin-induced glucopenia. In the course of standard insulin tolerance tests (0.1-0.2 U/kg), nine obese subjects manifested frank hypoglycemic reactions resulting in an increase in urinary catecholamine(More)
Concepts and principles of TINA (Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture) are introduced with the objective of correcting problems of the current centralized service control and service data model in an IN (Intelligent Network). It is becoming increasingly clear that the future sophisticated telecommunication services, e.g., multimedia, and(More)
Nowadays, the aspect-oriented programming is increasingly taking more importance and many companies are opting to use in software development by all the benefits it offers. However in most cases this is used only in the construction phase without being considered in the previous stages to it, making difficult to have an appropriate documentation with(More)
Abstract TINA (Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture) concepts and principles are introduced with the objective of correcting problems of centralized service control and service data model existing in IN (Intelligent Network). Now, TINA has been designed with the goal to offer an universal vision of telecommunications services, it answers(More)
BROWSE MY SETTINGS GET HELP WHAT CAN I ACCESS? SUBSCRIBE 12/27/14, 1:57 AM IEEE Xplore Abstract Development of a prototype based on TINA accounting management architecture Page 2 of 2 IEEE Account » Change Username/Password »(More)
BACKGROUND The rise of infections caused by multidrug-resistant Gram negative bacilli (MDR-GNB), added to paucity of newer therapy, have led to increase polymyxin B use, despite adverse renal toxicity profile. AIM To determine the incidence and risk factors associated to acute kidney injury (AKI) and polymyxin B use, in patients with infections caused by(More)