Luis Marcelino

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Virtual prototyping tools have already captivated the industry's interest as a viable design tool. One of the key challenges for the research community is to extend the capabilities of Virtual Reality technology beyond its current scope of ergonomics and design reviews. The research presented in this paper is part of a larger research programme that aims to(More)
Due to the growth of potential of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), now becomes possible to use this technology in various new generation services such as monitor environment characteristics like temperature, humidity, among others. WSNs are emerging as a new paradigm, gathering information in a collaborative way, where independent sensor nodes collect and(More)
Collision detection is an important component of many applications in computer graphics applications. In particular, it is a critical question for virtual environments applications, where real time performance is required to provide the feeling of being immerse in a environment that looks and is interactive like a real one. In this paper, we look into(More)
With the increasing number of mobile devices it is necessary to create adapted solutions for this type of devices that respect their limited processing capacities, memory and bandwidth. We propose a synchronization model based on message digests to synchronize relational databases between mobile devices and a server, in order to minimize the data(More)
Nowadays health concerns are effectively becoming ubiquitous. Most people have the need to effectively control their nutritional consumptions, mostly due to health issues. Personal computational devices may assist this control with a solution that allows an efficient management of each individual nutritional profile. In this work we propose a mobile service(More)
1. ABSTRACT This paper presents a constraint-based virtual environment which is being developed to support the assessment of assembly and maintenance tasks within a CAVE environment. The proposed environment provides an integrated framework for supporting both assembly and disassembly operations. This environment is being evaluated using realistic(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a constraint-based virtual environment for supporting interactive assembly and maintenance tasks within an immersive virtual reality environment. The system architecture of the constraint-based virtual environment is based on the integration of components such as OpenGL Optimizer, Parasolid geometric(More)
Resumo— Todos os dias e por todo o lado existem animais que se perdem ou que são encontrados. Para grande parte destes casos existe uma dificuldade acrescida, não só em encontrar o dono do animal, mas também em reunir os esforços de inúmeros voluntários que, de uma forma ou outra, pretendem ajudar. De(More)
In mobile applications, user tracking with Global Positioning System (GPS) can be very beneficial, making life easier for the user, by e.g. finding points of interest nearby, such as gas stations, super markets, restaurants etc. Nevertheless, the location of the user can be misused and hence privacy issues can become a relevant problem in mobile application(More)