Luis Maia Carneiro

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The last decade has been characterized by times of change, including increasing levels of globalization and competition. Collaboration allowed SMEs to respond effectively to the development of new complex products and services but presented new barriers concerning the management of their business processes and relations with partners. This paper presents a(More)
A business community where communication can be streamlined, information shared and trust can be built can be considered as a collaborative network promoting SMEs long term sustainability by assuring quick response, fast time to market, differentiated offerings and competitive prices. This collaboration could be orchestrated both in hierarchical and(More)
Increasing demand on dynamic business network motivates manufacturing companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to be collaborative for achieving potential market gains. This need can be fulfilled by forming non-hierarchical business network, where the partners integrate with each other after identifying specific business opportunity.(More)
This paper presents an approach to the identification of requirements for the implementation of e-business solutions in small and medium sized enterprises (SME). The approach is based on the so-called reference models whose main purpose is to guide the process of deriving the detailed requirements for business processes and information systems support,(More)
Needs and expectations of specific target groups such as elderly, obese, disabled, or diabetic personsare arising as challenging opportunities for European companies which are asked to supply small series of functional and fashionable goods of high quality, affordable price and eco-compatible. In order to design, develop, produce and distribute such(More)
Current market dynamics require European SME’s to focus on complex products manufacturing and to build non-hierarchical business networks, to assure competitiveness and sustainability. Such trend demands appropriate methods for network formation and management, including reference collaboration processes and supporting ICT tools. This paper presents a(More)
To compete in globalized business environments, manufacturing firms, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), need to be collaborative with respect to their total product life cycle. In this research, a focus on complex products is proposed and a new approach to structure collaboration in design and operational activities is suggested. A complete(More)
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