Luis M. Matey

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This paper describes a Collision Method for massive virtual environments composed of millions of triangles. It has been applied in the aeronautics industry for maintainability simulations using virtual aircraft engine mock-ups. The method performs well and has a good interactive frame rate even when it is used for computing force feedback with haptic(More)
This paper describes a proposal to build an intelligent feedback selection system for Virtual Reality-based training simulators. The system is aimed at generating multimodal feedback in real-time for advising the students while training with the simulator. Focused on driving tasks, we analyze how to customize the system to exhibit different behaviors. We(More)
(Revima) VR system supports maintainability simulation in aeronautics. Within this project we have developed and integrated a haptic device, the Large Haptic Interface for Aeronautic Maintainability (LHIfAM). We use this device to track hand movements and provide force feedback within the large geometric models that describe aircraft engines. The user(More)
The Collision problem appears within many fields. The specific characteristics that can be identified in different problems lead to the broad set of specialized algorithms that appear in the literature. This paper deals with the first step needed to address the Collision Problem Taxonomy challenge: a survey that compiles and suggests a set of(More)