Luis M. Gonzalo-Sanz

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Indirect Wallerian degeneration after sectioning the infraorbital nerve, and retrograde axonal transport following injection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) into the maxillary nerve were studied in rats. These experiments showed the existence of primary trigeminal neurons in the pars caudalis of the ipsilateral trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus and in the(More)
The vagal influence on the fasciculata's function was studied in 23 Wistar male rats. The corticoadrenal function was evaluated by means of karyometric and histological studies. After vagotomy, the fasciculata of the left adrenal (operated side) showed a significant increase of the nuclear area in comparison with the right (control) side. This side(More)
Adrenovascular lesions (hemorrhages and/or edema) caused by neurogenic stress, are modified by suppression of different nervous centres. Spinal transection at Th5 abolishes the adrenovascular response to neurogenic stress. Destruction of the anterior or posterior hypothalamus decreases this vascular response; the greatest effect was obtained by destruction(More)
A comparative study of fertility among rats with different ovarian neurotomies (splanchnicotomy, vagotomy and pelvicotomy) with or without contralateral ovariectomy has been carried out. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of the autonomic nervous system on the function of the ovary. Unilateral ovariectomy increased the fertility rate from 90%(More)