Luis M. González

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Thirty-six adult men were randomly assigned to a remote stimulation group (RS; n = 18) or control group (CTL; n = 18). The RS group unilaterally performed a 10-minute surface electrical stimulation program (frequency 100 Hz, impulse 300 micros, 10 seconds on/10 seconds off) on the rectus femoris of the non-dominant leg. The subjects of the CTL group relaxed(More)
Electrocution by power lines is one of the main causes of non-natural mortality in birds of prey. In an area in central Spain, we surveyed 6304 pylons from 333 power lines to determine electrocution rates, environmental and design factors that may influence electrocution and the efficacy of mitigation measures used to minimise electrocution cases. A total(More)
In order to ensure that the objectives behind the conservation of biodiversity are fulfilled it is essential that policies of all stakeholders are compatible. This is the case of the application of sanitary measures for the management of animal by-products and the negative effects that such restrictions had on the population dynamics and behavioural ecology(More)
The kinetic and myoelectric differences between 3 types of plyometric push-ups were investigated. Twenty-seven healthy, physically active men served as subjects and completed both familiarization and testing sessions. During these sessions, subjects performed 2 series of 3 plyometric push-up variations in a counterbalanced order according to the following(More)
OBJECTIVES Several drug resistance and secondary mutations have been described in HIV-1 viruses from patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy. In this study, we assessed the impact of the protease substitution T74S on the phenotype and on the replicative fitness in HIV-1 subtypes B and C. METHODS HIV-1 molecular clones carrying subtype B or C proteases(More)
Screen media usage, sleep time and socio-demographic features are related to adolescents' academic performance, but interrelations are little explored. This paper describes these interrelations and behavioral profiles clustered in low and high academic performance. A nationally representative sample of 3,095 Spanish adolescents, aged 12 to 18, was surveyed(More)
Intraspecific variation in plumage may have a functional significance in mate choice. As a result, breeding birds are often paired assortatively with respect to colour. However, whether this within-pair correlation is a result of homotypic preference whereby individuals pick a mate that looks like themselves, or directional preference whereby all(More)
Obtaining reliable estimates of the structure of carnivore communities is of paramount importance because of their ecological roles, ecosystem services and impact on biodiversity conservation, but they are still scarce. This information is key for carnivore management: to build support for and acceptance of management decisions and policies it is crucial(More)
Mesopredator control has long been used to alleviate the effect of elevated predation pressure on vulnerable, threatened or valuable species. However, the convenience of using mesopredator controls is technically questionable and scientifically-sound research is therefore required to evaluate the impact of predation on prey case by case. In this study we(More)