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Collaborative networks manifest in a large variety of forms, including virtual organizations, virtual enterprises, dynamic supply chains, professional virtual communities, collaborative virtual laboratories, etc. A large body of empiric knowledge related to collaborative networks is already available, but there is an urgent need to consolidate this(More)
Effective creation of dynamic virtual organizations requires a proper breeding environment to increase organizations' preparedness. After introducing some basic concepts related to collaborative networked organizations, the concept of breeding environment for virtual organizations is discussed and the key elements and requirements for its support management(More)
Available online xxxx Keywords: Collaborative networked organizations Manufacturing enterprises Virtual organizations Virtual enterprises Classification of collaborative networks a b s t r a c t Participation in networks has nowadays become very important for any organization that strives to achieve a differentiated competitive advantage, especially if the(More)
Multi-agent systems represent a promising approach to both model and implement the complex supporting infrastructures required for virtual enterprises and related emerging organizations. The current status of application of this approach to industrial virtual enterprises, virtual communities, and remote supervision in the context of networked collaborative(More)
Virtual enterprises paradigm represents an important application field for multi-agent approaches, both in terms of modeling and infrastructure development. This article summarizes the main challenges in this field and describes several current Multi-Agent System application approaches. A particular emphasis is given to the creation and operation phases of(More)
Computer assistance in the process of creation of virtual organizations (VO) is an important condition for the possibility of having truly dynamic VOs, in response to collaboration opportunities in fast changing market contexts. A realistic approach to materialize agility in VO creation is defined with the assumption of a VO Breeding Environment (VBE) that(More)