Luis M. Alonso

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Integrable hierarchies associated with the singular sector of the KP hierarchy, or equivalently, with ∂̄-operators of non-zero index are studied. They arise as the restriction of the standard KP hierarchy to submanifols of finite codimension in the space of independent variables. For higher ∂̄-index these hierarchies represent themselves families of(More)
A general scheme for analyzing reductions of Whitham hierarchies is presented. It is based on a method for determining the S-function by means of a system of first order partial differential equations. Compatibility systems of differential equations characterizing both reductions and hodograph solutions of Whitham hierarchies are obtained. The method is(More)
Portlet syndication is the next wave following the successful use of content syndication in current portals. Portlets can be regarded as Web components, and the portal as the component container where portlets are aggregated to provide higherorder applications. This perspective requires a departure from how current Web portals are envisaged. The portal is(More)
We show that the quantum field theoretical formulation of the τ function theory has a geometrical interpretation within the classical transformation theory of conjugate nets. In particular, we prove that i) the partial charge transformations preserving the neutral sector are Laplace transformations, ii) the basic vertex operators are Lévy and adjoint Lévy(More)