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We evaluated prevalence of cystic echinococcosis (CE) in a central Peruvian Highland district by using 4 diagnostic methods: ultrasonography for 949 persons, radiography for 829, and 2 serologic tests for 929 (2 immunoblot formats using bovine hydatid cyst fluid [IBCF] and recombinant EpC1 glutathione S-transferase [rEpC1-GST] antigens). For the IBCF and(More)
Cystic echinococosis (CE) is a public health problem caused by Echinococcus granulosus. We aimed to determine the efficacy of nitazoxanide (NTZ) and oxfendazole (OXF) against CE in naturally infected sheep. A total of 151 ewes were assigned to the following groups: 15 mg/kg of NTZ weekly for five weeks (NTZ5); two rounds of 15 mg/ kg of NTZ a day for five(More)
Various installations and appliances used by building occupants during the day are manually operated, including office devices and kitchen appliances. Traditionally, activity monitoring systems require multi-modal sensor installations in order to monitor these types of rooms. These large multi-modal installations often require active maintenance to ensure(More)
Stellate ganglion block is a frequent interventional technique on the field of pain medicine. The indications included painful and non-painful pathologies. The original descriptions were based on anatomical landmarks, but the use of fluoroscopy or ultrasound as a guidance, should be the standard approach. In the present article there is a detailed(More)
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