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The upside-down simple harmonic oscillator system is studied in the contexts of quantum mechanics and classical statistical mechanics. It is shown that in order to study in a simple manner the creation and decay of a physical system by ways of Gamow vectors we must formulate the theory in a time-asymmetric fashion, namely using two different rigged Hilbert(More)
We present the study of a quantum Controlled-Controlled-Not gate, implemented in a chain of three nuclear spins weakly Ising interacting between all of them, that is, taking into account first and second neighbor spin interactions. This implementation is done using a single resonant π-pulse on the initial state of the system (digital and superposition). The(More)
This thesis presents a highly parallelized and low latency implementation of the Sample Adaptive Offset (SAO) filter, as part of a High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) chip under development for use in low power environments. The SAO algorithm is detailed and an algorithm suitable for parallel processing using offset processing blocks is analyzed. Further,(More)
We consider Grover's quantum search algorithm on a model quantum computer implemented on a chain of four nuclear spins with first and second neighbor Ising interactions. Noise is introduced into the system in terms of random fluctuations of the external fields. By averaging over many repetitions of the algorithm, the output state becomes effectively a mixed(More)
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