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A new gene (POLL) encoding a novel DNA polymerase (Pol lambda) has been identified at mouse chromosome 19. Murine Pol lambda, consisting of 573 amino acid residues, has a 32% identity to Pol beta, involved in nuclear DNA repair in eukaryotic cells. It is interesting that Pol lambda contains all the critical residues involved in DNA binding, nucleotide(More)
ABStrAct Source code management repositories of large, long-lived libre (free, open source) software projects can be a source of valuable data about the organizational structure, evolution, and knowledge exchange in the corresponding development communities. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of the available information renders it almost unusable without(More)
The huge quantities of data available in the CVS repositories of large, long-lived libre (free, open source) software projects, and the many interrelationships among those data offer opportunities for extracting large amounts of valuable information about their structure, evolution and internal processes. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of that information(More)
Analysis of complex signalisation networks involving distinct cell types is required to understand most developmental processes. Differentiation of male germ cells in adult mammals involves such a cross-talk between Sertoli cells, the somatic component which supports and controls germinal differentiation, and germ cells at their successive maturation(More)
Chemotherapeutic agents used in colorectal cancer are frequently associated with severe adverse reactions that compromise the efficacy of treatment. Predicting toxicity could enable therapy to be tailored. Genetic variations have been associated with toxicity in patients treated with fluoropyrimidines (5-fluorouracil, capecitabine and tegafur), oxaliplatin,(More)
Vaccinia virus (VV) is a cytocidal virus that causes major changes in host cell machinery shortly after infecting cells. To define the consequences of virus infection on host gene expression, we used microarrays of approximately 15,000 human cDNAs to examine expression levels of mRNAs isolated at 2, 6, and 16 h postinfection from cultures of infected HeLa(More)
Although recombinants based on the attenuated poxvirus vectors MVA and NYVAC are currently in clinical trials, the nature of the genes triggered by these vectors in antigen-presenting cells is poorly characterized. Using microarray technology and various analysis conditions, we compared specific changes in gene expression profiling following MVA and NYVAC(More)
The ability of dendrimer 2G-[Si{O(CH(2))(2)N(Me)(2) (+)(CH(2))(2)NMe(3) (+)(I(-))(2)}](8) (NN16) to transfect a wide range of cell types, as well as the possible biomedical application in direct or indirect inhibition of HIV replication, was investigated. Cells implicated in HIV infection such as primary peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and(More)
Endocrine disruptors (EDs) belong to a large group of compounds, usually present as environmental pollutants, which can alter the homeostasis of living organisms by modifying hormonal balance and changing the normal patterns of gene regulation during development and cell differentiation. Hence, the development of male gonads and their functionality may be(More)
BACKGROUND We previously reported the in vitro spontaneous transformation of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) generating a population with tumorigenic potential, that we termed transformed mesenchymal cells (TMC). METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Here we have characterized the molecular changes associated with TMC generation. Using microarrays techniques(More)