Luis José Yebra

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This paper deals with the modelling and simulation of greenhouse climate. The obtaining of greenhouse production models (climate, crop development, etc.) is a subject of large interest nowadays, as these models can be used for simulation, control and production optimization purposes. A greenhouse constitutes a complex dynamical system, which is described in(More)
Bond graphs are a natural method for representing power flows in physical systems and they represent the most basic graphical paradigm that is still fully object-oriented. This paper describes a new version of BondLib, the Modelica bond graph library. The library was created for Modelica with graphical Dymola support, and its object-oriented design allows(More)
Solar power plants should collect any available thermal energy in a usable form at the desired temperature range. Efficient operation requires a fast start-up and reliable operation in varying cloudy conditions without unnecessary shutdowns and start-ups. Fast and well damped linguistic equation (LE) controllers have been tested in Spain at a collector(More)
In this paper, the automatic control of the process of copper sintering is addressed. The approach presented includes additional difficulties because the process is conditioned by the power source being solar energy and the intrinsic non-linearities of a solar furnace housing. Intelligent control capabilities come useful when a great degree of variability(More)