Luis José Yebra

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This paper presents the development of mixed feedforward-adaptive controllers for greenhouse climate control. These controllers are based on both simplified physical laws and on-line measured data and are discussed in terms of their suitability for adaptive control purposes. The schemes are tested using a highly nonlinear model of a typical Mediterranean(More)
This paper presents a practical case where parallelization for multi-core processors can be exploited in Modelica models using OpenMP. Although this parallelization is applied to a particular case and to a particular section in the code, the parallel implementation is straightforward and a gain in speed of around 11% is obtained. The particular section in(More)
The design of advanced control systems to optimize the overall performance of Parabolic Trough Collectors solar plants with Direct Steam Generation is currently a priority research line at PSA-CIEMAT. The development of dynamic models for use in simulation and control of this type of solar power plant is presented in this article, focused on the DISS(More)