Luis Jimenez de Asua

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Although a number of nucleoside diphosphate kinases (NDPKs) have been reported to act as inhibitors of metastasis or as a transcription factor in mammals, it is not known whether these functions are linked to their enzymatic activity or how this protein is regulated. In this report, we show that in vitro protein kinase CK2 catalyzed phosphorylation of human(More)
Addition of serum to resting cultures of Swiss mouse 3T3 cells causes an immediate multiple phosphorylation of 40S ribosomal protein S6. After 60 min of stimulation, changing to medium containing no serum led to the net dephosphorylation of S6. During this same period, a second protein, as yet unidentified, became increasingly phosphorylated. Incubation of(More)
Serum or insulin added to quiescent mouse-embryo fibroblasts produced rapid increases in the rate of transport of uridine and phosphate and a decrease of the intracellular concentration of cyclic AMP. Incubation of the cells with prostaglandin E(1), theophylline, or both prevented the increase in uridine transport produced by serum or insulin. Prostaglandin(More)
Prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha) selectively decreases the binding of 125I-labelled epidermal growth factor ([125I]EGF) to intact Swiss 3T3 cells. Scatchard analysis reveals that PGF2 alpha decreases the number of high-affinity EGF binding sites without changing the total number of receptors. Prostaglandins E1 (PGE1), E2 (PGE2) or F2 beta (PGF2 beta) do(More)
R59022, a diacylglycerol kinase inhibitor, enhances the prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha)-induced diacylglycerol (DAG) synthesis in Swiss 3T3 cells. It also potentiates the PGF2 alpha-mediated protein kinase C (PKC)-dependent 80 kDa protein (80K) phosphorylation and initiation of DNA replication. R59022 enhances the PGF2 alpha mitogenic response by(More)
Prostaglandin (PG) E1 or E2 added at 2-1,000 ng/ml to quiescent cultures of Swiss 3T3 cells synergistically enhanced the rate of initiation of DNA replication stimulated by PGF2 alpha alone or with insulin. Neither PGD2 nor PGF1 alpha had any effect with PGF2 alpha. An increase in the rate of entry into S phase also occurred when PGE1 or PGE2 was added 8 or(More)