Luis J. Salazar

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For many years, the fields of quantum optics and biology have rarely shared a common path. In quantum optics, most of the concepts and techniques developed over the years stand for systems where only a few degrees of freedom are considered and, more importantly, where the systems under study are assumed to be completely isolated from their surrounding(More)
The dependence of the excitonic two-photon absorption on the quantum correlations (entanglement) of exciting biphotons by a semiconductor quantum well is studied. We show that entangled photon absorption can display very unusual features depending on space-time-polarization biphoton parameters and absorber density of states for both bound exciton states as(More)
This paper introduces a novel approach of classifying voices that elicit a soothing effect on listeners from a domain knowledge inspired application of feature engineering. In particular, we utilize the characteristics of voiced vs, unvoiced speech in order to build a more accurate feature set. Large sets of training data are prepared and disciplined(More)
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