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Cochlear microphonic (CM) potentials were recorded from the bat, Pteronotus p. parnellii during tethered flight and during simulated flight on a pendulum. For each emitted signal the frequency of the ca. 61 kHz constant frequency (CF) component was compared with the frequency response characteristics of the animals's ear. The majority of "resting pulses'(More)
Fresh, frozen sections of the photoreceptor layer of the compound eye of the moth Galleria have been examined by microspectrophotometry, using 4 times 8 mum measuring beams that sampled from approximately two to four rhabdoms. The principal visual pigment absorbs maximally at 510 nm (P510), and on irradiation is converted to a thermally stable,(More)
We sought to quantify the autocorrelation properties and fractal dynamics of interbreath interval (IBI) variability to see if short-term airway pressure (Paw) increases affected scaling behaviour. Data were collected in anaesthetised children at basal (Ba), medium (Me) and high (Hi) Paw. Consistent with short-range dependence, the autocorrelation function(More)
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