Luis Henrique de Lima

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The construction of an alkali-metal ion source is presented. It allows the acceleration of rubidium ions to an energy that enables the penetration through monolayers of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride. Rb atoms are sublimated from an alkali-metal dispenser. The ionization is obtained by surface ionization and desorption from a hot high work function(More)
We report on the surface-assisted synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of the hitherto longest periacene analogue with oxygen-boron-oxygen (OBO) segments along the zigzag edges, that is, a heteroatom-doped perihexacene 1. Surface-catalyzed cyclodehydrogenation successfully transformed the double helicene precursor 2, i.e.,(More)
A chemical-specific photoelectron diffraction structure determination of a carbon rich buffer layer on SiC is reported. In addition to the long-range ripple of this surface, a local buckling in the hexagonal sublattice, which breaks the local range order symmetry, was unraveled.
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