Luis Haroldo Guzmán Colmenares

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The role of transport and re-adsorption processes on the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), and in particular on its selectivity was studied using nanostructured model electrodes consisting of arrays of Pt nanostructures of well-defined size and separation on a planar glassy carbon (GC) substrate. The electrochemical measurements were performed under(More)
Non-Conventional controls offer highly relevant support for disabled people in terms of independency and life quality. Profectus is a Latin word that means improvement, progress or growth. Profectus project’s main objective is to design and implement an electric wheelchair capable of climbing up and down stairs operated thru silent speech non-conventional(More)
The electrochemical properties of Se surface-modified Ru/C catalysts (RuSey/C with y = 0 to 1) and their O2 reduction characteristics were determined in model studies under well-defined mass transport conditions, combining quantitative differential electrochemical mass spectrometry and double-disk electrode thin-layer flow-cell measurements. Surface(More)
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