Luis H. C. Ferreira

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The Reed-Solomon error correction code is widely used in digital telecommunication systems, including satellite communications and data recording systems such as CD and DVD. This article presents an implementation for the encoder and the decoder of optical communication systems, according to the ITU-T G.709 standard. It presents an approach that multiplexes(More)
This work presents an ultra-low-voltage ultra-low-power weak inversion composite MOS transistor. The steady state power consumption and the linear swing signal of the composite transistor are comparable to a single transistor, whereas presenting very high output impedance. This work also presents two interesting applications for the composite transistor; a(More)
In this paper, we present a single-bit clock-less asynchronous delta–sigma modulator (ADSM) operating at just 0.25 V power supply. Several circuit approaches were employed to enable such low-voltage operation and maintain high performance. One approach involved utilizing bulk-driven transistors in subthreshold region with transconductance-enhancement(More)
In this paper, a systematic approach is proposed to convert fuzzy models into rough models. In certain phases of fuzzy model processing, specific procedures are necessary, such as fuzzification or defuzzification. Rough models make up a class of models based on rules which do not require either process for the involved variables. This characteristic proves(More)