Luis H. C. Ferreira

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The Reed-Solomon error correction code is widely used in digital telecommunication systems, including satellite communications and data recording systems such as CD and DVD. This article presents an implementation for the encoder and the decoder of optical communication systems, according to the ITU-T G.709 standard. It presents an approach that multiplexes(More)
This paper presents a new SAR A/D conversion architecture that uses a PWM modulator and a first order low pass filter as alternative to conventional DAC implementations. Design equations were derived and a circuit implementation is proposed. In order to validate the proposed architecture, a 4bit successive approximation A/D converter has been designed and(More)
This work describes a new topology for CMOS sample-and-hold circuits in low voltage with self-correction of the offset voltage caused by mismatches in the differential input pair of the operational amplifier. The charge injection of the NMOS switches is an important factor andit is minimized in this topology. The results were obtained using the ACCUSIM II(More)