Luis Gustavo Marcassa

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We have investigated the detection of mechanical and disease stresses in citrus plants (Citrus limonia [L.] Osbeck) using laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy. Due to its economic importance we have chosen to investigate the citrus canker disease, which is caused by the Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri bacteria. Mechanical stress was also studied because(More)
Neutral atoms may be trapped via the interaction of their magnetic dipole moment with magnetic field gradients. One of the possible schemes is the cloverleaf trap. It is often desirable to have at hand a fast and precise technique for measuring the magnetic field distribution. We use for instantaneous imaging the equipotential lines of the magnetic field a(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study is to determine the optical properties of different rat tissues with respect to spatial intensity variation and light distribution. We are interested mainly in the wavelength of 630 nm. Nevertheless, for liver tissue we have used 514 nm and 670 nm as well. BACKGROUND DATA In the past, many articles have been written about(More)
We report the observation of translationally ultracold heteronuclear ground-state molecules in a two-species magneto-optical trap containing 39K and 85Rb atoms. The KRb molecules are produced via photoassociation and detected by multiphoton ionization. We had characterized their temperature and measured their formation rate constant. We believe that the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The low intensity laser therapy (LILT) has been widely used in all medical fields due to its therapeutic effects in reparative process, pain relief, and biostimulation. Even though there is a therapeutic window of wavelengths for clinical application, little has been done concerning the frequency spectrum response to biological(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The bio-stimulation effect of laser has been observed in many areas of Medicine. However, there are a few works which investigate its use for liver regeneration. Most of their results were inconclusive due to the use of high power lasers. This work was carried out to investigate the bio-stimulation effect of laser in liver(More)
Microwave spectroscopy was used to probe the superfluid-Mott insulator transition of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a three-dimensional optical lattice. By using density-dependent transition frequency shifts, we were able to spectroscopically distinguish sites with different occupation numbers and to directly image sites with occupation numbers from one to(More)
The success of PDT and its establishment into the existent hall of therapeutic modalities depends on the collection of reported experiences from around the world. In that sense, it is important to report approaches taken by different countries and what their views are on the future of PDT. Following this idea, we present our clinical experience in(More)
The stability of superfluid currents in a system of ultracold bosons was studied using a moving optical lattice. Superfluid currents in a very weak lattice become unstable when their momentum exceeds 0.5 recoil momentum. Superfluidity vanishes already for zero momentum as the lattice deep reaches the Mott insulator (MI) phase transition. We study the phase(More)
We report on the observation of ultralong range interactions in a gas of cold rubidium Rydberg atoms. The van der Waals interaction between a pair of Rydberg atoms separated as far as 100,000 Bohr radii features two important effects: spectral broadening of the resonance lines and suppression of excitation with increasing density. The density dependence of(More)