Luis Gonzalez

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We explore the major driving forces for currency invoicing in international trade with a simple model and a novel dataset covering 24 countries. We contrasts a " coalescing " effect, where exporters minimize the movements of their prices relative to their competitors', with incentives to hedge macroeconomic volatility and transaction costs. The key(More)
The concept of dispositional resistance to change has been introduced in a series of exploratory and confirmatory analyses through which the validity of the Resistance to Change (RTC) Scale has been established (S. Oreg, 2003). However, the vast majority of participants with whom the scale was validated were from the United States. The purpose of the(More)
BACKGROUND The present study is an analysis of the frequencies of HLA-A and -B antigens and HLA haplotypes in two groups of individuals homozygous for the two main HFE mutations (C282Y and H63D) and a group heterozygous for the S65C mutation. METHODS The study population includes: 1123 healthy individuals, 100 homozygous for the C282Y mutation, 138(More)
—Because radiometers do not measure the earth's outgoing flux directly, angular distribution models (ADMs) are used to invert measured radiances at the top of atmosphere (TOA) to flux. However, data used to build ADMs are generally not sorted for mixed scene types, and anisotropic correction factors for such scenes are not usually available. In the present(More)
The launch of the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) instrument on board of Meteosat 8 allows a diurnal sampling of the Earth's Radiation Budget for the first time, providing a unique and important addition to polar orbiting measurements. However, first data from the GERB instrument exhibit systematic asymmetry in the short wave (SW) flux diurnal(More)
A procurement contract is granted by a bureaucrat (the auctioneer) who is interested in a low price and a bribe from the provider. The optimal bids and bribes are derived based on an iid private cost assumption. In the experiment, bribes are negatively framed (between-subjects treatment) to capture that society is better off if bribes are rare or low.(More)
Acknowledgments This article has benefited from the valuable suggestions of Jesus Almendros (Universidad de Almería) and the kind assistance of Pilar Vargas (Universidad de La Rioja) Abstract It seems clear that there is plenty of room for improvement in the area of IS client-developer working relationship. On the client side, it is general to find(More)
The Work Values Scale EVAT (based on its initials in Spanish: Escala de Valores hacia el Trabajo) was created in 2000 to measure values in the work context. The instrument operationalizes the four higher-order-values of the Schwartz Theory (1992) through sixteen items focused on work scenarios. The questionnaire has been used among large samples of Mexican(More)
In the experiment two bureaucrats independently can grant a permit with the profit of the private party depending on when the permit is given. Whereas one bureaucrat can only veto the project, the second one has additional discretion in granting the permit earlier or later. We speak of greasing when the private party assigns a higher reward to the second(More)