Luis Gerardo Mojica

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Human activity recognition using data from wearable sensors, and more recently, mobile and smartphone sensors , is a widely researched problem. In this study, we explore the detection of human activities (walk, run, jog, climb stairs up, climb stairs down, stand still) from data acquired using smartphone sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.(More)
An-ever increasing number of social media websites, electronic newspapers and Internet forums allow visitors to leave comments for others to read and interact. This exchange is not free from participants with malicious intentions, which do not contribute with the written conversation. Among different communities users adopt strategies to handle such users.(More)
The development of resistance to insecticides by the vector of malaria and the increasingly faster appearance of resistance to antimalarial drugs by the parasite can dangerously hamper efforts to control and eradicate the disease. Alternative ways to treat this disease are urgently needed. Here we evaluate the in vitro effect of direct current (DC)(More)
Markov Logic Networks, a joint inference framework that combines logical and probabilistic representations, enable effective modeling of the dependencies that exist between different instances of a data sample. While its ability to capture relational dependencies makes it an ideal framework for predicting the structures inherent in many natural language(More)
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