Luis Gerardo Guerrero-Ojeda

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In this paper we present a comparative simulation study of three denoising algorithms using wavelets. The denoising algorithms (i.e., universal threshold, minimax threshold and rigorous SURE threshold) have been used to remove white Gaussian noise from synthetic and real signals. The analysis is done by applying soft and hard thresholds to signals with(More)
A planar epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) tunnel structure implemented on substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology is used to evaluate the complex dielectric permittivity of various materials. Design, optimization, and fabrication of the ENZ tunnel structure are explained. Simulations and measurements on various dielectric samples using the cavity(More)
Universities are increasingly using the Internet to improve undergraduate teaching, since it provides access to sources not conveniently obtainable through other means, allows for the creation of unusually rich course materials, it is an exceptionally fine tool for creating densely woven, engaging, and highly demanding new course materials, and it can(More)
This paper presents a wavelet-neural network based on the L1-norm minimisation for learning chaotic time series. The proposed approach, which is based on multi-resolution analysis, uses wavelets as activation functions in the hidden layer of the wavelet-network. We propose using the L1-norm, as opposed to the L2-norm, due to the wellknown fact that the(More)
The design, construction and characterization of planar antennas implemented using fiberglass substrate is presented. For PCS-band frequencies (1.9 GHz), planar antennas are usually constructed of copper films on lowpermittivity low loss substrates such as Duroid. Duroid improves the antenna efficiency due to its uniform structure for microwave designs, but(More)