Luis G. Occeña

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Knowledge sorting is one way to organize the knowledge acquired from the domain expert(s) and various sources. Well-organized knowledge representation will make rule extraction much easier. This paper describes a knowledge sorting process that was developed to facilitate the rule extraction for a product design expert system. The process capitalizes on the(More)
Knowledge organisation plays an important role in building a knowledge-based product design blackboard system. Well-organised knowledge sources will facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of communication and data exchange in a blackboard system. In a previous investigation, an approach for constructing blackboard systems for product design using a(More)
This paper presents the result of a project to facilitate discharge summary preparation in small hospitals at low cost. Using an eye diseases hospital with twelve beds as an example, an integrated system for discharge summary preparation on a microcomputer platform was developed. The integrated system eliminated redundant data entry by a pull-type approach(More)
This paper describes work in progress concerning the development of an integrated approach to hardwood processing. The motivation for this work, research direction, and research developments are presented. MOTIVATION The development of an integrated approach to hardwood processing is motivated by three main factors. Firstly, hardwood timber is an economic(More)
A versatile microcomputer-based interactive graphics sawing program has been developed as a tool for modeling various hardwood processes, from bucking and topping to log sawing, lumber edging, secondary processing, and even veneering. The microcomputer platform makes the tool affordable and accessible. A solid modeling basis provides the tool with a sound(More)