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—This paper presents and analyzes a new near-optimum medium access control (MAC) protocol. The proposed access scheme is suitable for a CDMA mobile communication environment, and keeps under control and upper bounded the number of simultaneous transmissions. It has a delay performance approaching that of an ideal optimum M/M/ system, where is the number of(More)
OBJECTIVE In the last two decades, advances in the computerized tomography (CT) field revise the internal and medium ear evaluation. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyze the morphology and morphometric aspects of the vestibular aqueduct on the basis of computerized tomography images (CTI). MATERIAL AND METHOD Computerized tomography images of(More)
—Analytic expressions have been derived for the probability density functions of the total signal-to-interference ratio when considering mixed-type interference sources in the reverse link of a DS/CDMA packet radio system with Rayleigh fading. Four different scenarios were studied, and the corresponding expressions are presented for each situation. The(More)
This prospective study investigated the influence of functional unilateral posterior crossbite on mastication movements. The study group included 16 patients (nine girls and seven boys) with functional unilateral posterior crossbite involving three or more posterior teeth. A control group comprised 15 individuals (nine girls and six boys) with normal(More)
This work derives the analytic expression of the feasibility condition for the uplink of a WCDMA mobile communications system with repeaters deployment in a multiservice environment with a general heterogeneous layout. In particular, a compact closed expression for the admission region is presented, suitable for a system where the users belong to an(More)
Ring chromosome 10—r(10)—is a rare disorder, with 14 cases reported in the literature, but only two with breakpoint determination by high-resolution techniques. We report here on two patients presenting a ring chromosome 10, studied by G-banding, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) and SNP-array(More)
HSP90B1 is a gene that codifies heat shock protein 108 (HSP108) that belongs to a group of proteins induced under stress situation, and it has close relation with the nervous system, especially in the retina. Toxoplasma gondii causes ocular toxoplasmosis that has been associated with a late manifestation of the congenital toxoplasmosis although experimental(More)
BACKGROUND Many clinical and experimental studies have been done to analyze the anatomical and functional aspects of the internal auditory canal (IAC) in human beings since there are great inter-individual variability and structural variations that may occur regarding the other adjacent structures. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to characterize(More)
— This paper derives a general analytical expression of the feasibility condition for the uplink of a CDMA mobile communications system in a general scenario where the users in the system belong to an arbitrary number of service classes and the coverage deployment includes the presence of repeaters. An explicit expression of the admission region is derived(More)
*-This paper presents and analyses a new near– optimum random access protocol. The proposed access scheme is suitable for a CDMA environment and minimises the total number of spreading codes needed to achieve a certain throughput. It is based on distributed queues and a collision resolution algorithm. Computer simulations have been carried out to validate(More)