Luis Francisco Díez

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Despite the increasing usage of mobile communications, strengthened by the growing penetration of smartphones, end users seem to be concerned about the potential health risks of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) induced by such technologies, according to the latest statistics gathered by the Eurobarometer. The Low EMF Exposure Networks (LEXNET) project aims(More)
This paper presents Reward Based Routing Protocol (RBRP), a novel routing protocol for wireless mesh networks, that aims at reducing and fairly distributing the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure caused by wireless transmissions. The basis of this protocol is a reward-based scheme in which intermediate nodes forward packets and receive a reward(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to analyse connectivity over highly heterogeneous wireless networks. We consider a scenario comprising a large number of access elements and end users, who move and initiate different services according to some patterns. The framework that has been implemented takes periodic snapshots, each of them used to pose a different(More)
This work presents a novel model for multi-hop networks which aims to include electro-magnetic exposure metrics within the routing paradigm. Given the need to include new metrics in the routing decision making, as a prelude to the protocols definition, it is deemed necessary the definition of novel network models and adequate algorithms so that they can be(More)