Luis Flávio de Oliveira

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The development of retinal vessels in the rat from birth to 5 days of age is described. Various techniques including India ink injections into the vascular system, retinal digestion, PAS stained whole mounts, and combinations of these methods were utilized. The first stage in retinal vascularization is the ingrowth of an undifferentiated mesh or syncytium(More)
This paper presents an analysis of a model for the coordination of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using a swarm intelligence approach based on Particle Swarm Optimization. The model considers locomotion constraints, anti-collision mechanisms, ad hoc communication and environmental perception information from the UAVs sensors. We analyze the(More)
The initial development of retinal vessels in the rat was studied by light and electron microscopy. In the 15-day-old rat embryo undifferentiated cells derive from the outer wall of the hyaloid vessel, or the immediate surrounding tissue, and migrate into the peripapillary retina beneath the internal limiting membrane. No vascular budding is evident. The(More)
Arterial annuli occur at the junction of side-arm branches of retinal arteries in a number of species, and we have studied them in the owl monkey, cat, dog, rat, and pig. They were initially described as being PAS-positive, but they can also be demonstrated with the Masson's, elastic-Van Gieson's, and Gridley's quadruple stains. In most instances the annuli(More)
This study evaluated the hypolipidemic and antiobesity effects of phloroacetophenone (2',4',6'-trihydroxyacetophenone, THA) isolated from Myrcia multiflora and their relationship with triglyceride (TG) intestinal absorption and pancreatic lipase activity inhibition. The hypolipidemic effect of THA was evaluated by acute (Triton WR-1339 treatment) and(More)
Odontogenic cyst is a common lesion that can happen after inflammation of the dental pulp. The therapeutic approach of these cysts is made at dentist's offices, and depending on their extension, they may develop oroantral fistula and chronic sinusitis. The objective of this study is to propose the videoendoscopic treatment of the odontogenic cyst with(More)
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