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''Stop thinking like a supplier and start thinking as a customer.'' The authors argue that cooperation may be achieved by augmenting the core product with technology-based services. Given the growing importance of real time information exchange and interactivity, a better understanding of the use of technology to the establishment and development of the(More)
To the best of our knowledge, the international marketing literature has been examining performance exclusively as a dependent variable. In this paper we argue that performance should be investigated as an independent variable. Using survey data of over 400 managers responsible for the main export ventures of Portuguese SMEs (Small and Medium Exporters),(More)
" Rich and poor countries alike look to export subsidies to enhance their presence on world markets. But they may be doing more harm than good. " " Going too far in support of trade " , The Economist, Dec 16, 2000, pp: 88 * This research was funded by a post-doctoral research grant from " Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia " (Portugal / European Union) to(More)
In this research, the authors extend previous work in international marketing by analyzing the relationship among past performance, marketing strategy adaptation, and current period performance. The impact of internal (management) and external (market) forces on marketing mix adaptation and current export performance is also considered. A survey of over 500(More)
In this research, the authors extend a contingency perspective of international marketing in an exporting context by considering how internal and external forces of the firm explain adaptation of the marketing mix in export markets. The impact of marketing strategy adaptation and past performance satisfaction on current period satisfaction with performance(More)
This paper proposes a conceptual framework that relates e-marketing strategy (Web-Design, Web-Promotion, Web-Price and Web-CRM) with performance at web and firm levels, while considering the contingent effects of firm's internal and external forces. Based on established literature, through a conceptualization of each constituent element of the theoretical(More)
In this research, key determinants of expected short-term export performance improvement are identified. We develop a conceptual framework that incorporates past, current and expected performance, internal and external forces of the firm, and pricing strategy adaptation to the foreign market. The framework is tested via a field survey of industrial(More)
Lages to " UNIDE/ISCTE " and Cristiana Lages to " Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia ". We also thank the support of UMIST (U.K.) in conducting the survey. ABSTRACT Annual company reports and financial statements rarely distinguish between the domestic and export markets' operations, and even more rarely provide annual financial indicators on specific(More)
While building on the contingency theory, this paper proposes a conceptual framework that links five factors: a) internal forces, b) external forces, c) past web and firm performance, d) current web and firm performance, and e) e-marketing strategy in terms of the strategy defined for the 4Ws (Web-Design, Web-Promotion, Web-Price, and Web-CRM). Future(More)