Luis Fernando Uribe Velasquez

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A total of 288 leghorn laying hens were used in an experiment to determine methionine+cystine (TSAA) requirements. The addition of six levels of DL-methionine to a basal diet containing 14.4% of crude protein resulted in 0.484, 0.534, 0.584, 0.634, 0.684, and 0.734% TSAA contents. This experiment lasted from 22 to 38 week of age. Increasing TSAA from 0.484(More)
PURPOSE To report the case of a patient who developed late capsular block syndrome and to review the current literature regarding this complication of phacoemulsification procedures. METHODS The literature was reviewed to summarize the diagnosis, classification, use of diagnostic aids, and the current treatments for this complication. RESULTS A(More)
Of 75 toads (Bufo marinus) 2 were found infected by black molds. The internal organs of these animals had granulomatous lesions containing brown fungi identical to those found in human chromomycosis. Cultures gave rise to slow-growing black molds but all attempts to induce sporulation failed. The fungi did not grow at 36 degrees C or above and failed to(More)
PURPOSE The aim was to report the surgical outcomes of simultaneous Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty (DSEK) with a retropupillary fixated iris claw lens in patients with aphakic corneal edema without capsular support. METHODS The clinical records of aphakic patients with corneal edema and no capsular support who underwent a combined DSEK and(More)
INTRODUCTION Currently ocular combat injuries are complex and associated with poor visual outcomes. Our objective is to characterize the military population that suffer land mine combat ocular trauma in Colombia and identify the type of wound, treatment and visual outcomes. METHODS Retrospectively review of medical history of soldiers evaluated in Pablo(More)
PURPOSE To report an interesting case of infectious endotheliitis of presumed mycotic origin. METHODS A case report of a 56-year-old male farmer who sought medical attention after a month-long evolution of irritative symptoms in his right eye, accompanied by visual acuity (VA) impairment. The patient received topical and oral broad-spectrum antibiotic(More)
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