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There are several games which are used to demonstrate the practical implications of some Lean Production Concepts such as the impact of uncertainty on productivity and project duration, push and pull approaches to production or the impact of multitasking. These games are very appealing to the players and the observers by illustrating the detrimental impact(More)
Subcontracting has greatly increased in the construction industry. It helps shift risk from the main contractor to the subcontractor and promotes specialization. Inadequate subcontracting management, however, may result in an adversarial relationship between main contractors and their subcontractors , uncoordinated on-site execution, and disappointing(More)
In building projects customer requirements, constructive aspects and quality standards are defined during the design phase. However, this important phase is usually carried out with little interaction between the construction and design teams causing many problems during construction such us: incomplete designs, change orders, rework, construction delays,(More)
A collaborative research effort among construction companies has allowed the design and implementation of a performance measurement system in Chilean construction companies. This effort is starting to give preliminary results as new companies are adopting the system that is expected to reach critical mass in the Chilean construction industry. In the future,(More)
Buffers are often used in Construction to prevent the negative impact of Variability and Uncertainty on projects. Inventories of materials, budget contingencies, time float, and excess of equipment capacity are examples of the type of Buffers found in construction. However, usually the design and management of Buffers is based mostly on intuition and(More)
Variability in construction projects usually leads to schedule delays, cost overruns and productivity losses. Among the different techniques and tools employed to manage a construction project the use of buffers is a common approach to handle variability and to protect production processes from its negative impact. Time float, resource inventories and(More)
Over the years many prevention management practices have been implemented to prevent and mitigate accidents at the construction site. However, there is little evidence of the effectiveness of individual or combined practices used by companies to manage occupational health and safety issues. The authors selected a sample of 1180 construction firms and 221(More)
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