Luis Fernandez

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Metrics estimate the quality of different aspects of software. In particular, cohesion indicates how well the parts of a system hold together. A metric to evaluate class cohesion is important in object-oriented programming because it gives an indication of a good design of classes. There are several proposals of metrics for class cohesion but they have(More)
A 69-year-old man with rheumatoid arthritis presented with bilateral leg swelling. Magnetic resonance studies revealed bilateral giant iliopsoas bursitis with intrapelvic expansion and compression of pelvic vessels and bladder. The case was refractory to intensive systemic and local medical treatment.
In current e-banking systems, millions of consumers are now able to conduct financial transactions using a wide range of mobile devices; this growth exposes the system not only to the set of known threats that are now migrating from traditional PC-based e-banking to the mobile-based scenario, but, to emerging threats specifically targeting mobile devices.(More)
The design of bioinspired systems for chemical sensing is an engaging line of research in machine olfaction. Developments in this line could increase the lifetime and sensitivity of artificial chemo-sensory systems. Such approach is based on the sensory systems known in live organisms, and the resulting developed artificial systems are targeted to reproduce(More)
Transition P system are a parallel and distributed computational model based on the notion of the cellular membrane structure. Each membrane determines a region that encloses a multiset of objects and evolution rules. Transition P systems evolve through transitions between two consecutive configurations. Moreover, transitions between two consecutive(More)
Abstract: The United States Agency for Development in Bolivia (USAID/Bolivia) created in 2002 PROSALUD- Partners for Development Project (PfD) with the aim of improving the population's well-being. The project used three components: small grant scheme, technical assistance and database system management. Through the small grants scheme, the PfD supported a(More)
The customer relationship focus for banks is in development of main competencies and strategies of building strong profitable customer relationship through considering and managing the customer impression, influence on the culture of the bank, satisfactory treatment; and assessment of valued relationship building. Artificial neural network (ANN) is used(More)