Luis Fernández Pineda

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Ebstein's malformation of the tricuspid valve is a rare but complex congenital cardiac lesion characterised by a variable degree of dysplasia and displacement of the proximal attachments of its inferior and septal leaflets from the true atrioventricular junction. The aim of our retrospective study is to report the risk factors for mortality, and to(More)
Hypernatremia is a common electrolyte abnormality, but it is rarely attributable to excess sodium. Hypernatremia due to exogenous salt intake, caused either by accidental ingestion or as a form of child abuse, is rare, difficult to manage and results in high mortality. Although hypernatremia is easily recognized by laboratory tests, its etiology is often(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The Fontan procedure was designed to palliate complex congenital heart disease with univentricular physiology. A retrospective study was made to document the determinants of early (</= 30 days) and late (>/= 31 days) mortality with the modified Fontan procedure performed in one-stage over a 22-year period. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Percutaneous closure of atrial septal defects (ASD) is becoming more frequent. PATIENTS AND METHOD From October 1997 to October 2002, 209 patients, age 0.4-70 (mean 19.5) years, were catheterized to close an ASD or patent foramen ovale (PFO). Transesophageal echocardiography was performed simultaneously in all patients. Two hundred and six(More)
BACKGROUND A certain degree of feasibility exists in Spanish clinical practice with respect to interventions performed to prevent paediatric respiratory infection by RSV, including hygienic measures and intramuscular immunoprophylaxis with palivizumab. This task involves different paediatric specialties that may have a different perception of the magnitude(More)
BACKGROUND Following the results of the CIVIC study, the SECPCC proposes to revise its recommendations for the prevention of RSV, taking into account the new evidence, as well as the preventive experience of paediatric cardiologists. For this purpose a structured method of professional consensus has been chosen. OBJECTIVES To develop a Spanish clinical(More)
INTRODUCTION Thoracoscopic surgery has been used for anterior release, discectomy, and fusion in severe scoliosis or kyphosis. The indications of thoracoscopy for the treatment of pediatric spinal deformity are similar to those of thoracotomy-based spinal surgery. OBJECTIVE We designed a comparative study to observe the immediate complications in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To study medium-term follow-up in children with pulmonary stenosis (PS) with percutaneous balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty (PBVP). PATIENTS AND METHODS Medium-term follow-up results of 106 consecutive PBVP procedures in 100 patients of the same health center are presented. The mean age of the patients was 61.3 +/- 5.1 months, 31 of them with(More)