Luis F. Ochoa

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The short variant of a functional length polymorphism in the promoter region of the serotonin transporter has been associated with several behavioural and psychiatric traits, including bipolar mood disorder. The same short allele has also been implicated as a modifier of the bipolar phenotype. Here we evaluate the etiologic/modifier role of this(More)
Local anesthesia decreases physiologic responses to pain in neonates but has not been used routinely during lumbar punctures in newborns, as it might obscure anatomical landmarks. However, local anesthesia may decrease newborns' struggling during lumbar puncture, thus facilitating the procedure and increasing its success rate. The success rate of lumbar(More)
The development of Smart Grid technologies and the need to defer investments for expanding and reinforcing distribution networks have attracted new attention to aspects of Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR). Based on the fact that the demand of certain loads can change with voltage, it is plausible to envisage the active management of voltage regulation(More)
The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources, particularly wind power, raises concerns about the level of flexibility needed to cope with the inherent variability and uncertainty affecting these sources of energy. Departing from the common conception of providing flexibility using fossil-fuelled generators with fast ramp rates, this paper explores(More)
The performance of matrix completion based recovery of missing data in electricity distribution systems is analyzed. Under the assumption that the state variables follow a multi-variate Gaussian distribution the matrix completion recovery is compared to estimation and information theoretic limits. The assumption about the distribution of the state variables(More)
This work proposes a Monte Carlo-based technique to assess the impacts of different PV penetrations on a real LV network for the North West of England, considering 5-min resolution models for domestic load and PV generation. The impacts of PV location are analysed through two scenarios based on location: closer to and further from the distribution(More)
The connection of renewable distributed generation (DG) is expected to increase significantly in the UK. A large volume will continue to connect to rural areas where voltage and thermal constraints are the main issues. It is in this context that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) need to provide costeffective connection arrangements, avoiding expensive(More)