Luis F. Muñoz

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Leptospirosis is a widely distributed zoonosis, and rats are its most common source of infection. Our goal was to determine the frequency for Leptospira infection in rodents in a farmers market in the city of Medellin. We performed a descriptive transversal study sampling 254 rodents. Rodents were bled and killed, and kidneys samples were taken.(More)
Trillas et al. introduced in [7] and [8] the concepts of both self-contradictory fuzzy set and contradiction between two fuzzy sets. Later, in [1] and [2] the necessity of determine not only the contradiction, but also the degree in that this property occurs, was considered. This paper takes up again these subjects, and firstly we study if there exists some(More)
3.2 Área de control T formada por el producto entre las secuencias { } * γ vista ilustrativamente por el funcional J(k) 30 4.7 Funciones de membresía de acuerdo al funcional de error J(k) para las variables lingüísticas 30 4.8 Funciones distribución del funcional del error J(k) por rango 31 Glosario Simbología) k (a Parámetro del sistema de referencia que(More)
Reports about application of the Extreme Programming - XP method, have evidenced scalability problems in both, the team size and the problem complexity. When the problem is more complex and the team size is bigger, organization of team, project and product became to have more relevance. Architecture practices deal with these concerns, so these are key(More)
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