Luis F Jacome

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Estrogenic effects on visual (object recognition) and place (object placement) memory were investigated. Ovariectomized (OVX) rats received acute sc injections 30 min before a sample trial (viewing objects), and 4 h later a recognition/retention trial was performed. During recognition/retention trials, discrimination between sample (old) and new objects(More)
Effects of estradiol benzoate (EB), ERα-selective agonist, propyl pyrazole triol (PPT) and ERβ-selective agonists, diarylpropionitrile (DPN) and Compound 19 (C-19) on memory were investigated in OVX rats using object recognition (OR) and placement (OP) memory tasks. Treatments were acute (behavior 4h later) or sub chronic (daily injections for 2 days with(More)
17β-estradiol (E2) rapidly, within minutes, activates behaviors and cognition by binding to membrane estrogen receptors, activating cell signaling cascades and increasing dendritic spines. In female rodents, E2 enhances spatial memory within 2-4 hours, and spine density is increased in the CA1 area of the hippocampus within 30-60 minutes. Although chronic(More)
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