Luis F. Gutierrez

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Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV), the sole species in the EEE antigenic complex, is divided into North and South American antigenic varieties based on hemagglutination inhibition tests. Here we describe serologic and phylogenetic analyses of representatives of these varieties, spanning the entire temporal and geographic range available. Nucleotide(More)
OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that X-ray fused with magnetic resonance imaging (XFM) roadmaps might permit direct antegrade crossing and delivery of a ventricular septal defect (VSD) closure device and thereby reduce procedure time and radiation exposure. BACKGROUND Percutaneous device closure of membranous VSD is cumbersome and time-consuming. The procedure(More)
BACKGROUND We have developed and validated a system for real-time X-ray fused with magnetic resonance imaging, MRI (XFM), to guide catheter procedures with high spatial precision. Our implementation overlays roadmaps-MRI-derived soft-tissue features of interest-onto conventional X-ray fluoroscopy. We report our initial clinical experience applying XFM,(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) permits 3-dimensional (3D) cardiac imaging with high soft tissue contrast. X-ray fluoroscopy provides high-resolution, 2-dimensional (2D) projection imaging. We have developed real-time x-ray fused with MRI (XFM) to guide invasive procedures that combines the best features of both imaging modalities. We tested the(More)
X-ray images acquired on systems with image intensifiers (II) exhibit characteristic distortion which is due to both external and internal factors. The distortion is dependent on the orientation of the II, a fact particularly relevant to II's mounted on C arms which have several degrees of freedom of motion. Previous descriptions of distortion correction(More)
In X-ray guided bronchoscopy of peripheral pulmonary lesions, airways and nodules are hardly visible in X-ray images. Transbronchial biopsy of peripheral lesions is often carried out blindly, resulting in degraded diagnostic yield. One solution of this problem is to superimpose the lesions and airways segmented from preoperative 3D CT images onto 2D X-ray(More)
There are several Colombian populations of Drosophila pseudoobscura which have begun to show divergence. The temporal samples of Torobarroso, one of the local populations identified, demonstrate genetic "resourcefulness" and selective opportunism by fluctuating mortality. The data suggest that both balanced selection and mutational origin are necessary to(More)
Acetazolamide, chlorothiazide, ethacrynic acid and furosemide were infused to glucose loaded dogs. Glucose reasorption was unchanged after acetazolamide and chlorothiazide. Ethacrynic acid depressed glucose reabsorption significantly. Furosemide caused a modest decrease in glucose reabsorption which was not significant when the control values were compared(More)
Correspondents are urged to write briefly so that readers may be offered as wide a selection of letters as possible. So many are now being received that the omission of some is inevitable. Letters should be signed personally by all their authors. Kinetic Classifications of Antitumour Drugs SIR,-In the design of modem combination drug schedules for the(More)
X-ray guided bronchoscopy is commonly used for targeting peripheral lesions in the lungs which cannot be visualized directly by the bronchoscope. The airways and lesions are normally not visible in X-ray images, and as a result, transbronchial biopsy of peripheral lesions is often carried out blindly, lowering the diagnostic yield of bronchoscopy. In(More)