Luis Espinosa Anke

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Lexical taxonomies are graph-like hierarchical structures that provide a formal representation of knowledge. Most knowledge graphs to date rely on is-a (hypernymic) relations as the backbone of their semantic structure. In this paper, we propose a supervised distributional framework for hypernym discovery which operates at the sense level, enabling(More)
We present KB-UNIFY, a novel approach for integrating the output of different Open Information Extraction systems into a single unified and fully disambiguated knowledge repository. KB-UNIFY consists of three main steps: (1) disambiguation of relation argument pairs via a sensebased vector representation and a large unified sense inventory; (2) ranking of(More)
This paper describes and evaluates a method for computing artist similarity from a set of artist biographies. The proposed method aims at leveraging semantic information present in these biographies, and can be divided in three main steps, namely: (1) entity linking, i.e. detecting mentions to named entities in the text and linking them to an external(More)
L2 learners often produce “ungrammatical” word combinations such as, e.g., *give a suggestion or *make a walk. This is because of the “collocationality” of one of their items (the base) that limits the acceptance of collocates to express a specific meaning (‘perform’ above). We propose an algorithm that delivers, for a given base and the intended meaning of(More)
This paper presents a method for the generation of structured data sources for music recommendation using information extracted from unstructured text sources. The proposed method identifies entities in text that are relevant to the music domain, and then extracts semantically meaningful relations between them. The extracted entities and relations are(More)
In this paper we present a gold standard dataset for Entity Linking (EL) in the Music Domain. It contains thousands of musical named entities such as Artist, Song or Record Label, which have been automatically annotated on a set of artist biographies coming from the Music website and social network LAST.FM. The annotation process relies on the analysis of(More)