Luis Elvira

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Efficient prediction of the substrate noise generated by large digital sections is currently a major challenge in System-on-a-Chip design. A macromodel to accurately and efficiently predict the substrate noise generated by digital standard cells is presented. The macromodel is generated from identification of the physical elements relevant to noise(More)
Milk contaminated with melamine resulted in an important health hazard that affected many babies in China recently. Ultrasonic characterization of adulterated milk may detect gross levels of melamine contamination. Sound speed and density measurements were made in skim milk as a function of melamine adulteration. An ultrasonic measurement technique to(More)
This work presents an experimental investigation about the relation between specific characteristics of a digital circuit (clock frequency and architecture) and the substrate noise spectrum that it generates. Both the discrete impulse train term and the continuous term of the substrate noise spectrum are investigated. The results indicate that the(More)
The use of a low-intensity ultrasonic technique (noninvasive, nondestructive, on-line, and able to assess opaque samples) to monitor the kinetics of invertase hydrolysis is presented. Adiabatic compressibility has been shown to be sensitive to sugar species: ultrasonic velocity increasing as saccharose is transformed into glucose and fructose. The influence(More)
During alcoholic fermentation, sucrose and water are transformed into ethanol and carbon dioxide by the action of yeast enzymes. The measurement of the velocity of an ultrasonic pulse travelling through a fermentation tank can be used to characterize the state of the process. In this work, an experimental study of the density and ultrasonic velocity in the(More)
In this work, a high-resolution imaging method for the inspection of isotropic plate-like structures using linear arrays and Lamb waves is proposed. The evaluation of these components is limited by the low dynamic range resulting from main lobe and side lobe field patterns, and from the narrowband nature of the Lamb waves. Based on a full matrix array,(More)
An eight-channel ultrasonic detecting device for microbiological quality evaluation of packed liquid foods is presented in this paper. This device makes possible a non-invasive detection of the microbial growth in liquid foods with no need to open the carton-based packages where they are contained. Thermal and humidity stabilization are required inside the(More)
Polymeric magnetic microparticles have been created using a microfluidic device via ultraviolet (UV) polymerization of double emulsions, resulting in cores of magnetorheological (MR) fluids surrounded by polymeric shells. We demonstrate that the resultant particles can be manipulated magnetically to achieve triggered rupture of the capsules. This(More)
This work proposes the use of an ultrasound based technique to measure the concentration of yeasts in liquid suspension. This measurement was achieved by the detection and quantification of ultrasonic echoes backscattered by the cells. More specifically, the technique was applied to the detection and quantification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. A theoretical(More)