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Sciatic nerve injury has been used for over a century to investigate the process of nerve damage, to assess the absolute and relative capacity of the central and peripheral nervous systems to recover after axotomy, and to understand the development of chronic pain in many pathologies. Here we provide a historical review of the contributions of this(More)
In this paper, the authors present a physical model developed to simulate accurate external ventricular drain (EVD) placement with realistic haptic and visual feedbacks to serve as a platform for complete procedural training. Insertion of an EVD via ventriculostomy is a common neurosurgical procedure used to monitor intracranial pressures and/or drain CSF.(More)
The term neurotranscriptomics is used here to describe genome-wide analysis of neural control of transcriptomes. In this report, next-generation RNA sequencing was using to analyze the effects of neonatal (5-days-of-age) surgical stimulus deprivation on the adult rat pineal transcriptome. In intact animals, more than 3000 coding genes were found to exhibit(More)
OBJECTIVE The cerebellopontine angle is a common site for tumor growth and vascular pathologies requiring surgical manipulations that jeopardize cranial nerve integrity and cerebellar and brainstem perfusion. To date, a detailed study of vessels perforating the cisternal surface of the middle cerebellar peduncle-namely, the paraflocculus or parafloccular(More)
INTRODUCTION Disruption of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque is the precipitating factor that culminates in thrombosis and ischemia. Current technologies do not have sufficient power to identify subtle thrombogenic lesions (ie, ulcers) in the arterial endoluminal surfaces nor reliably predict markers for future symptomatology. We developed an ultra-thin(More)
Circadian rhythms govern many aspects of mammalian physiology. The daily pattern of melatonin synthesis and secretion is one of the classic examples of circadian oscillations. It is mediated by a class of neuroendocrine cells known as pinealocytes which are not yet fully defined. An established method to evaluate functional and cytological characters is(More)
Pediatric intracranial aneurysms are rare and challenging to treat. Achieving efficacy and durability of aneurysmal occlusion while maintaining parent vessel patency requires innovative treatment strategies, especially in cases in which aneurysmal location or morphology pose substantial morbidity associated with microsurgical treatment. In the last 3(More)
OBJECTIVE To give validity to the claim that Eva Perón underwent a prefrontal lobotomy and/or another neurosurgical procedure. METHODS 1) Press interviews given by Dr. George Udvarhelyi, who passed away in 2010, were read and his statements were crosschecked with excerpts of his memoirs; 2) Searched for other oral and written evidence in Argentina; 3)(More)
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