Luis E. Olcese

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In Argentina no historical or present programs exist specifically assessing ecosystem health with respect to photochemical air pollution, although phytotoxic concentrations of near-ground ozone have been documented in recent years. Here we report our preliminary findings on field observations of ozone-like injury found in natural plant populations and(More)
A simple method is presented for estimating hourly distribution of air pollutants, based on data collected by passive sensors on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with no need for previous measurements at a site. In order for this method to be applied to locations where no hourly records are available, reference data from other sites are required to generate(More)
A new mechanism to simulate the formation of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) from reactive primary hydrocarbons is presented, together with comparisons with experimental smog chamber results and ambient measurements found in the literature. The SOA formation mechanism is based on an approach using calculated vapor pressures 5 and a selection of species(More)
This paper presents a technique based on artificial neural networks (ANN) to estimate pollutant rates of emission from industrial stacks, on the basis of pollutant concentrations measured on the ground. The ANN is trained on data generated by the ISCST3 model, widely accepted for evaluation of dispersion of primary pollutants as a part of an environmental(More)
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